Different Kinds of Bathroom Tiles to Consider

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Choosing tiles for your bathroom is an important step, whether you want to remodel your existing bathroom or you want to make sure that your brand new bathroom will be worth using. Bathroom tiles will protect walls behind the basin, in showers and baths. You could specifically pick various types of tiles as well if you want to use them as decorations for your bathroom. With glass, porcelain, ceramic, and natural stone, plus a variety of finishes and shapes that tiles can offer, utilize this guide to explore and determine the best tile to use in your bathroom that would suit your taste and needs.



This type of stone has a warm tone. Since this has natural pits that provide the individuality of the tiles, choose filled travertine to stop the water from penetrating, It could be utilized for both wall and floor tiles, but you also need to seal it to protect the stone.


Marble is rich with the colorful tones running through it, which makes it a staple for some housekeepers who aims for being fancy. You can choose from a wide range of color tones, which differ from light to dark, having both striking and subtle patterns.

Both wall and floor marble tiles are available. However, polished marble is not recommended to use on the floor. Make sure that it is properly sealed and the spills should be wiped up right away. Always prepare your floor mops and use it for your tiles so that it will help your floor maintain its patina.


This stone is always stylish that has pale finishes yet remains to look warm. Moreover, limestone is one of the best-sellers, which is also available in dark color. This stone must be sealed. Limestone is softer compared to other natural stones, hence it could be scratched easily. Because of this, maybe this stone should be used to any parts of your property except your family bathroom,



Porcelain tiles tend to be denser compared to ceramic. Also, they are easy to maintain and very durable. They are perfect for both walls and floors.


Matte tiles are somehow similar to other materials since they also have wood, stone, cement, and a matte finish. One of the benefits of this tile is that watermarks are not easily revealed.

Gloss tiles

This tile reflects light. This would be a great choice if you are designing a small bathroom to make it feel brighter and bigger. Moreover, it can be wiped down easily. On the contrary, smears will be visible on the shiny surface.

These are only some of the various types of tiles that you can choose for decorating your bathroom. If you want to have a consultation with a professional company when it comes to bathroom home service Hastings East Sussex, then do not hesitate to visit the website of Maitre Du Bois for more updates and information. You can also contact their phone number to set an appointment with their experts and help you out with your concerns.

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