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What to Do with Dead Trees

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Trees are living things, which means that they will have to go at some time. If you’re a property owner with a tree planted on it, do you know what to do if you reach that point when your tree is dead and it can no longer be revived? 

To know for sure if your tree is dead, you have to call an arborist to check it. Trees may just be partially dead, which means there might still be a ray of hope to revive it. Trees that can no longer be restored to health by pruning are usually taken down or removed.  

Why You Have to Remove Trees  

It’s true that you can possibly let nature take its toll on your tree. But that’s a very dangerous route to take. If you decide to do just that, then there’s a big chance that your tree will break and fall down on your property. Worse, it can cause physical injuries.  

It’s best that trees are taken down safely before things get out of hand. You don’t want a partially dead tree standing on your property during the next storm. That’s when major problems usually happen and you don’t want to be like a sitting duck, waiting for the accident to happen.  

When You Must Remove Trees  

Trees have to be removed if and when it starts to be a hazard to you and to the people and properties around you. City laws are created to force property owners with trees to initiate the removal of trees if they meet the following criteria, regardless if they’re partially dead or healthy. Remove trees if they are:  

  1. Dangerous 

Dangerous trees are those that are at risk of falling down at any time. This is especially true for dead trees. Dead trees may stay upright for months, sometimes even years. But that doesn’t mean it’s not going to give at any time. When in insides of the tree begins to rot, it is no longer capable of supporting its own weight. That’s when the tree will fall down and cause a lot of harm.  

  1. Causing issues 

Trees are nice additions to your home. But when they start causing issues to your property, some structures, and other trees, then they have to go. If you talk to an arborist, they won’t immediately recommend that the tree be removed. They might say that all it needs is pruning. Heed their recommendations because they’re the experts on trees.  

  1. No longer wanted 

There are times when you don’t need the tree where it stands because you’re thinking of constructing a structure in its place. That’s another good reason to remove a tree, whether it’s healthy or dying. If that’s the case, then you have to call the arborist to initiate the tree removal process.  

When it comes to removing trees, you have to consult only with the professionals in tree removal Fort Mill. They have the tools, equipment, manpower, and system that would assure you of a safe tree removal experience. Never hire just anybody with an ax if you value your life and property.  

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